Sunday, May 23, 2010


Kirk, my son and his dog, Woody, enjoying the Santa Fe sun recently.

Now one can take their dog along on a bike ride with a Doggy Ride attachment. My son does not own a car as he prefers to live life simply -- so this apparatus is just the ticket for bringing his dog along with him on his bike errands. Woody, his dog, just loves the rides!

About Sunday Simplicities -- I have always desired a simple life and now as I age I can follow that path more directly. That is what Sunday Simplicities are about -- my easy outlook toward life. Stay tuned to more Sunday Simplicities on most Sundays (for now).


  1. Gives new meaning to the phrase 'It's a dog's life.'

  2. Doggy Rides provide an alternative idea to car rides for dogs. I guess a dog likes either as mine will attest too. -- barbara

  3. What delightful and informative posts this past weekend--both your "Museums" post and your son's dog buggy. I'm enchanted with the buggy! (And love your son's attitude toward "green." Superb, Barbara! Maybe you could give us info on where one could purchase such a dog bike buggy...or maybe I just missed that info, enraptured as I was with the photo!

    Your Sunday Simplicities...absolutely looking forward to it!

    Thank you, Barbara


  4. Hi Elora, Wasn't sure myself where he bought it but had noticed the DOGGY RIDE words on the "dog bike trailer." I put DOGGY RIDE in a search box on google and it came right up. By the way the term dog bike trailer is the term I found on the DOGGY RIDE site. This apparatus is all new to me -- but a good idea I think. Makes me want my old Schwinn bike back!

    Thank you for all the good words about my posts, I appreciate it very much.

    -- barbara