Thursday, August 22, 2013


Old quilt and old "butt" basket ~~ Kentucky pieces

A couple days ago I knew I needed a break from this whole house/packing/paperwork phase that I have been grinding through. I realized that the process is like walking a tightrope -- not knowing if one will actually get to the other side.

Closing on this house was set for the 26th of this month and I haven't heard a thing from the bank. When I call they do not return the call. I cannot be released from this house until everything is final which means "closed on." This selling procedure is really primitive being it is the digital age. 

I have almost completed my packing yet feel I cannot leave until it is sold.

One of Something Olde's windows with reflections

So . . . I took a break last Sunday to enter another world that doesn't relate to selling a house. Berea has a great antique shop called Something Olde. Located a few blocks off Highway 75 on Chestnut street, it offers a world of real antiques with a friendly owner.

Phil Willett

Above is Kentuckian Phil Willett, a textile scholar, giving a spinning demonstration in the shop. Talking with him gave me some great insights about weaving textiles.  

Tagged items above -- sitting in a beautiful old cupboard bring a rich and nostalgic feeling to the shop.

Karen Todd

Caught off-guard while eating her lunch, Karen Todd, owner, takes a well deserved break. The shop is always busy with many buyers from out of state as well as the locals. 

If you need a break while driving Highway 75 that dissects the nation's midsection, I'd suggest stopping at this diverse antique shop in Kentucky.  

Monday, August 5, 2013


Last spring I took the above photo of a huge spider web that was awash in raindrops from a passing storm. When I noticed it on my small deck my words were, "oh, a jeweled necklace." The web's raindrops were like large diamonds glittering as the sun returned from parts of a darkened sky. 

Today I ran across this raindrop photo in my archives while looking for a post photo. I have had almost no time to photograph or write while continuing to pack and organize, getting ready for my cross-country move to Utah. 

As I studied the photo I realized the spider's web provided him/her with all the necessities of living. A place to rest, eat, bask in the sun, shower and just hang out. For the spider, beauty is in his home -life and surroundings. He carries no baggage only his wits that provide security. 

Inspiration! -- lets see what else I can live without! I sat down and started to rethink what I can do without on my trip across country. Do I really need all those items I was packing?

So now I am busy unpacking some things. I am changing my U-Haul to a smaller size and I feel great about it. Less and less feels good. 

No I won't have as little as the spider but I still feel that perhaps my new place in Utah can be my jeweled necklace. At least for now ...

~ ~ barbara