Friday, October 31, 2014


Double rainbow

Working at my computer table a couple of days ago I took a moment to gaze out my window with my thoughts. Appearing outside my window were a pair of magnificent rainbows streaming in the sky over the Willamette River in Portland.  Rainbows enthrall me everytime I encounter them, especially if they are double rainbows.

I thought to myself that there is such beauty all around us if we just slow down and use our dreams and thoughts to realize this. Of course this is difficult to do sometimes when all we hear from the politicians and media is bad news. I am not advocating to play pollyanna and tell yourself that all is right with the world. It's not.  

My window thoughts brought me to the conclusion that as one person I cannot solve everything that is wrong. I cannot carry the worries of the world on my shoulders. I can only solve, hopefully, what is before me personally. 

And if I can reach out and help someone through a doable act -- I will do it. Such as helping a young boy tie his shoe, giving a young woman a jump for her stalled car in a parking lot, dropping money in a street musicians guitar case, helping a friend in a time of tribulation -- all are -- examples of personal reality and not the drama politicians and media expect us to buy into.  

Perhaps you believe as I do? 

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Walking through a wet Fred Meyer's parking lot today I spotted these long brown scaly leaves belonging to a Coastal Redwood. They are rather unique in shape and grow in Redwood canopies (the upper leaves of the Redwood).  

We had a very windy day yesterday and these leaves were blown out of their trees to do their duty for nature.

Immediately, I thought what purpose can fallen leaves have in a parking lot. Leaves in all their shapes and colors certainly have a reason for falling to the ground. They serve as homes for insects and other small critters plus they add mulch and fertilize the soil -- plus more. 

Why do we need so many parking lots all paved over with non-porous materials?  Not only are we erecting more buildings but then we surround these buildings with huge parking lots.

From Joni Mitchell lyrics, "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot."  I will now bow out and let Joni's words tell the story I am trying to tell. Here is her two minute song on Your Tube -----

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Gathering to discuss this past summer

Saying goodbye to old friends

Some last kicks by taking turns 
sliding down the rocks,

And all -- eventually -- settling in to a well deserved rest 
 after a summer of catching the light

Sunday, October 12, 2014


barbara judge's photo collection

Taken in the latter part of the 1800's, this vintage photo can tell you much about fashion as well as a certain type of quilt pattern that was part of the material culture at the time. The children are dressed to the "t" in undoubtedly early machine stitched clothing or even possibly hand sewn? The young boy has some type of straps on his long stockings, perhaps to keep them from slipping down his legs?

Perhaps the quilt, that was draped over the chairs was of special importance? Could it be one that was created for the photo taking session or perhaps made by a relative that the family loved? What stories can you conjure up in your mind with the various clues in this photo?

It was common to have photos taken outside as appropriate lighting was not available inside. One often finds old photos taken outside during this time period - usually taken by itinerant photographers who traveled the countryside. The background appears to be some type of canvas drop? 

Quilts have always fascinated me. Especially the old ones. June Calender's blog discusses many types of quilts that she either creates or visits at quilt shows. Her latest adventure with quilts is teaching the History of Quilts at her local Academy of Lifelong Learning. Also visit Mary's blog about her many quilt projects and then take a look at Kyra's Black Threads blog that features both old and new quilts and their creators. 

A neat way to date vintage photos is to examine its fabrics (if there are any) using a book on old fabrics for comparison.This will give you a close approximation of its date. Here is a reasonable priced book that can identify fabrics and their dates of manufacture, Dating Fabrics, a Color Guide - 1800 to 1960. Also a good book on early printed fabrics is one by Barbara Brachman

Monday, October 6, 2014


Fall native snowberries on Joanne's hand woven towel

I received a present today! Joanne is a weaver -- and -- she sent me two lovely woven hand towels as a gift. Joanne's blog is interesting to follow as she goes about her daily activities in small town Ohio. Check out her blog, Cup on the Bus -- right now she is planting fall bulbs on her blog and has help from her granddaughters Emily and Laura. Thanks Joanne.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Today's trip to downtown Portland was to pick up some groceries from Whole Food Grocery -- of course I had my camera with me. I spotted this smiling dad with his two daughters who was entertaining them while confining them to a  public bench as traffic whizzed by them. 

I spoke with him briefly as I could see he had his hands full with his two beautiful and delightful daughters. The one daughter instantly told me she was four and the dad told me the other was two.

The dad and daughters were waiting for mom who was in a nearby store. In the meantime dad was keeping them smiling and safe. Good dad!