Thursday, March 24, 2016


Doorways can be a metaphor for many of our actions that we take. Be it a doorway to a new career, marriage, a change in philosophy, and more. I imagine you have opened many doorways in your life both good and not so good. Doorways teach us so much of life.

I have been absent from my blog for a month or so simply because I have been looking at some changes that I want to make. Experience has taught me in my long life to go slowly -- so that is what I have been doing.

Blogging for me will be rather spontaneous over the next few months. On occasion I will be stopping by and reading your wonderful posts and of course enjoying each and everyone of them. 

I look at this as my migration time. Like the Canadian Geese in my header -- seeking the familiar yet finding something new. 

Will be back in due time.