Sunday, June 16, 2013


Tomato plants stand guard by the folk garden shed. Old tobacco sticks give structure  to the growing plants. 

Standing brightly at the edge of a large family home garden is a shed that spells folkways. A metal skin covers the old wood garden shed. It brightens the end of a family garden that holds many heirloom plants passed down through generations of family --  white skinned cucumbers, old timey sweet potatoes, parker beans and mustard that joins tomatoes and greens. Seed saving is part of the family's tradition.

Madison County, Kentucky

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Old crazed mirror's reflection in my study

Viewed this video today and thought it would be worthwhile to put on my blog for women that are, as Ms Bateson calls it, in their Adulthood II phase of life. This being in our "old" jargon -- elderly.

Times are changing for both men and women in regards to what is opening up for their Adulthood II stage of life and it is uplifting and exciting.

Below is the link to Ms Bateson's short ten minute talk -- associated with the series TED Talks.

Ms Bateson carries a hefty background of famed parents. She is the daughter of famed Margaret Mead, anthropologist, and  Gregory Bateson, writer. Amazon and independent bookstores carry books by Mary Catherine Bateson as well as the many books by her parents. 

I'm still off for the summer but might just put on a post ever so often -- difficult to stay away from blogging.