Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Noticed this historic house that was scraped of most of its paint in Aurora, Oregon. There was just enough paint left on the house to give it an earthy aged look. Do not know if this was a deliberate look or not. A hanging basket of colorful flowers gave the porch a little bit of a "pop" against the scraped wood. I liked this look.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Guard Dog

Spent yesterday in Oregon. Snapped this photo of a sleepy old dog relaxing on a sunny afternoon -- he could care less that I was taking his photo. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Old early cemeteries such as this one in Northern Kentucky always intrigue me. The arrangement of the gravestones on the land, the shapes of the gravestones themselves, and the care being given to the cemetery as a whole. This one in Mason County was beautifully maintained and full of information about the area. By full of information I mean by reading the stones one can get a feeling for those that lived there long ago. They reveal the wars that some fought, their occupations through the symbols carved on the gravestones, their economic/social status by the gravestone placed on their grave, and the ages of the persons when they died. Some living long lives -- some short. Walk around long enough in an old cemetery and you can begin to put together a bit of history about the folks that lived in the area.

Friday, May 16, 2014


My former school in Berkley, Michigan where I attended the seventh and eighth grades. All the students could walk to this school. The school was razed a few years ago as the administration felt there were not enough students attending. Land was sold to a housing developer. Photo was provided by an old schoolmate that attended Oxford School with me. Thanks -- Dallas

I have always been a detective of sorts. I began this lifestyle when I was young by filling empty cigar boxes with small items that intrigued me -- such as political pins, old photographs, old buttons, letters, jewelry, crackerjack trinkets, stones, and other items that I categorize as mementos. I wanted to know everything about these items -- they became part of my detective work as I pieced my young world together. 

As an adult I still hunt and find pieces that were and still may be the building blocks of our society. Only now instead of finding items that would fit into cigar boxes I find items both small and large. I find them in houses, trees, cities, barns, streets, clothes, paper-goods, small towns, photography, etc. They are not glamorous nor endowed with sophistication. They are what our society would probably feel is common or even in some cases lowly. These common or lowly objects tell me something about how we existed in our past and in many cases how we even still exist today. 

Yet these building blocks aren't really blocks that are stable. They fade and are replaced -- thus changing our world -- economically. financially. and environmentally. They are only temporary  -- until they are replaced. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Strollers at the Square

Looking rather like a Roman amphitheater, Pioneer Courthouse Square sits smack in the middle of action in downtown Portland.  I visited this area for a couple days last week when the sun was pouring down on this vibrant city park. Here I found strollers, runners, bikers, skateboarders, children, artists, and of course folks of all ages. 

Pioneer Courthouse facing Pioneer Courthouse Square

Named after the historic Pioneer Courthouse which stands in the adjacent city block -- it has gotten the official nick name as Portland's Living Room. This is a place to come and relax while in the heart of the city. Often special events are held here. For me it was the place to visit to watch folks. 

Holding a box and thinking you know where you are headed is a technique that I feel could have dire consequences. I'm sure this woman held the box up to her face as she walked past me as she did not want her photo taken. I wasn't going to take her photo but when the box went up in front of her face -- then I had to take her photo as it made me laugh.

Weaving carefully among the walkers were occasional skateboarders -- they were very considerate of others. 

 One shoulder backpack

Carrying a purse seemed to be very passe in Portland. I only viewed backpacks and computer bags. I liked the idea of backpacks as one may have a camera or computer or phone paraphernalia plus maybe a book or two to carry when out and about for the day.

Talking, walking and looking

It was a fun day to sit and watch the "flavor" of Portland pass by.

The square, about the size of a city block, is ranked as the world's fourth-best public square by Project for Public Spaces, bested only by two squares in Venice and one in Siena, Italy (wikipedia).

For more info on the Square click here.