Thursday, July 31, 2014


Mt Hood wears many faces as it shows itself throughout the day. This morning my window view was layers of gray -- soothing and cool in its appearance. However, the sun with hot rays will soon be arriving to again scorch my earthly space. Another hot day in the Pacific Northwest.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Community gardener working in her plot.

Do you like to garden organically? Do you like to commune with nature in a healthy active way?

I am not familiar with this artichoke looking 
plant but found it beautiful.

Portland, Oregon answered the above questions by providing community gardens for its citizens in 1975 -- that have become very popular. All gardens across the city are grown organically -- all 50 of them. A small  plot fee is charged for the garden season.

Water -- the jewel of life for growing.

Some city gardens are small as few as thirty plots in them -- the largest city garden is the Fulton Community garden which has over a 100 plots for gardeners to sign up for. Many of the different gardens around Portland have a waiting list.

 Some gardeners spell out their feelings 
about nature by hanging Buddist prayer flags.

I recently visited the largest community garden in Portland with camera in hand to try and record its beauty. It was early evening and a few gardeners were out working their plots. 

Healthy zinnias

Chairs are scattered throughout the garden for gardeners to sit a spell or also for visitors to do the same.

A gardener's personal work station in their rented plot.

I bumped into a gardener named Ashley that I had met a few days before when I visited Fulton to see what the gardens were all about. During that visit she gave me some fresh chard from her garden -- During my recent visit to take these photos she sent more greens home with me -- such hospitality!

How can anyone look at sunflowers and not feel better?

Does your area have organic gardens available for its residents?

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Old hollow-core clay tiles compose alleyway exteriors of these three small buildings. located in the small 
town of Brownsville, Oregon

Monday, July 21, 2014


Rocks have a magic all of their own -- they support and naturalize 
their surroundings without effort.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Early settlement home in Harrison, Michigan
circa late 1800s

I found the above black and white photo on cardboard many years ago in the state of my birth -- Michigan. Printed on the photo were the words Harrison, Michigan but did not identify the family. Although taken many years before I was born it still resonates with me. I like that it speaks to me of my interests -- vernacular homes, history, Michigan, early photography, family/folks, landscapes and more. 

It was common, when this photo was taken, to have itinerant traveling photographers knock on your door asking if you would like a photo taken. If you agreed, he (not known if women took to this trade), dragged out his big tripod and huge glass plate camera and the household gathered before their home and soon they were frozen in time via a photograph. 

Today, a photo is taken in an instance with film or as digital. The way of life for those many glass plate itinerant photographers disappeared with these advances. 

I have moved recently to Portland Oregon. Can't say how many times I have moved around the country since I was young except to say MANY times. 

Now I am my own itinerant photographer taking my own photos with my own digital camera as I move about.

Below are a few shots of my current "new to me" home.

Mount Hood taken from computer work space window

Apartment complex was built in 1941 by a German immigrant architect -- it still feels like it probably did when it was first built. Not a large complex -- it is surrounded by mature trees and prolific gardens.  Several windows look out toward Mt Hood. 

Apartment gardens

Apartment's wood floors

Would love to find some old photos of this place. Will be doing some snooping around the area to see if there are any to be found. Maybe the Oregon Historical Society might have some?