Thursday, July 18, 2013


Old Kentucky handmade crocks

House sale is still moving forward. I've been busy tying up all the ends of attempting to move. It seems I take one step forward and two backwards -- but I do believe all is going forward slowly. 

I sold a roomful of antiques that I had picked up here and there in my almost six year stay in Kentucky. I just don't have the space in my not-so-large U-Haul to move only my necessities -- this eliminates my ability to bring along my old country things. An example of some of what I sold are the handmade country crockery pieces in the photo above. But in reality, all this selling off of "stuff" is part of simplifying.

I have more old things to sell and have a buyer waiting for me to decide on my prices. I am selling everything at reasonable prices -- prices one can't refuse. 

Looks like I will be landing in Utah in September if all goes well. I have a wonderful canyon cottage waiting for me -- small, old, on flat land, with a stream. Sal and I will certainly enjoy this.

I hope to do follow-up postings ever so often during my moving experience.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


 Grandfather's home, Madison County, Kentucky

Nestled next to a heirloom country home is a green-green garden -- at least for now. The home once belonged to the grandfather of Lonnie, the present care-taker and gardener. The garden is filled with lush green leafed plants that will soon enter their color phase producing tomatoes, corn, squash and other delicious vegetables.

Lonnie weeding

Lonnie reinvigorated his grandfather's long dormant garden with gusto. He tells me he is a seed saver, a non-chemical user, and enjoys working in the garden. 

He has planted many flowers around the home and even has an individual "greens only" garden. 

The only part of his grandfather's garden that was left when Lonnie took over the garden was this above grape arbor. It is now producing hundreds of green grapes. Lonnie said he remembers it being there when he was young. 

Lonnie's grandmother collects most of the grapes for preserving. 

Right now the color green predominates in the garden. Look closely at the squash leaves above -- early color is sneaking in -- orange squash blossoms.

Small green tomatoes will soon be large red ones

I believe that healthy gardens flourish 
when a gardener works with nature.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Taken during the fall -- Sal standing in my front yard looking 
over the leaf colors on the mountains.

Having been fortunate to live in an outstanding natural environment for the past five years, I find it will be hard to say goodbye to my home.

I have received an approved offer to buy my house. Of course it will have to pass through all the paperwork stages before I finally leave this place -- about two months from now if all goes as planned. 

This has been a busy summer and now I find the pressure of moving will increase as I get nearer to the time when I will close my home door for the final time. 

I'm heading west  to be near my children. Most of my furniture and stuff will be put up for sale real soon. My life is turning another corner. One with more simplicity -- I look forward to it. 

My main task right now is to keep my thoughts balanced -- which should help me from getting that overwhelmed feeling.

Right now I'm eyeing all those books I so dearly love and thinking I might just pack them up and send them media mail rather than trying to stuff them into a U-Haul that I will be pulling across 1,400 miles. 

Most of us have made a few moves during out life time. Some of us still live in the house where we were born. No matter -- home is home wherever we land.