Thursday, December 10, 2009


Miss Fannie Scovel sent this card out to wish the receiver a Merry Christmas and happy New Year in the early twentieth century. She placed her words in pencil, "with my flowers'" at the top of the message. The bottom is her simple signature Fannie Scovel.

Photo postcards span the early twentieth century and open up the world to the folkways of the people. The back of photo postcards have a regular postcard backing with a space for message, stamp, and date and town postmark. This sparse information along with the photo can tell us about housing stock, clothing, hairstyles, interests, pets, cars, and other sorts of clues. They are windows to this early era.

Collecting them can be interesting and they can still be found at reasonable prices. I have had this Fannie Scovel photo postcard for many years. Personal clues, to this early 1900s elder woman's passion, are roses, creative gardening, living in a middle class neighborhood, and loving hats. She probably lived alone as no family is mentioned. Other clues can be picked out from this postcard.

Picture postcards were taken by the common people, not studio produced, so they are true reflections of the time. For more information click here.

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