Saturday, February 28, 2009


Once used for tobacco curing and storage these old barns are becomming relics of the past.
Usually found with metal roofs and painted black or left a natural gray.
Tobacco is subsidized not to be grown therefore little can be found growing in Kentucky today.

Once a top cash crop -- now just the barns are left as a reminder. These photos were taken in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. For NPR's story on tobacco barns as relics of the past click here.
Prairie Bluestem also has stories on Kentucky barns.

Comments or stories about barns welcome!


  1. Thanks for your link to my various barn photos on Prairie Bluestem, and also for the link to Tree Notes. I enjoyed looking at your barn pictures this evening, and other parts of your blog, too. I hope you'll keep on blogging. You have a good eye and an interesting point of view.

  2. Hello Genevieve, Thank you for your very nice comments about my blog. I certainly enjoyed both your Prairie Bluestem and your Tree Notes! I believe we have much in common. Barbara