Wednesday, February 4, 2009


An old fading business sign that once stood for a sole proprietorship antique business

Highway 25, between the Kentucky towns of Mount Vernon and Berea, has for many years had antique shops running along side of it. Most have disappeared or now stand as old sentinels of what was. They were essentially run as sole proprietorship's rather than the new mode of selling antiques in malls. Malls being stores with many individual booths inside, each one having a different business owner. The result of this business arrangement allows many small business owners to have more free hours away from their business. These photos are illustrative of shops that sold antiques under the one-ownership establishments. Today this way of doing business is a dying way of selling antiques. Below is a tiny old vertical board building with a remnant of its business -- Antiques -- painted on an old metal Royal Cola sign.
Below is a building dying on the vine -- once a vibrant one-owner business selling antiques.


  1. When I find a blog that pulls me in I like to go to it's roots to see what kind of seeds were planted. Originally I ventured here to thank you for following my playground. I can see from my short visit that this is a nice place to come and relax. I just returned from a short walk and was clicking photos the entire way. I will be back soon to take a walk around your cyber neighborhood. It is a pleasure to meet you Folkways Notebook.

    1. Raining Iguanas -- What a very nice comment -- thank you so much. I found you by following up through Jon Katz's writing class. Your occupation intrigued me as well as the name of your blog. I was smitten with your photos and words and I will be back. -- barbara