Monday, March 26, 2012


For Women's History Month I am highlighting older women bloggers. It appears to me that there is a growing trend among older folks to produce their own personal blogs on a myriad of subjects.

Highlighted below are three women bloggers that between them cover just about every subject under the sun. The things they have in common are; they are witty, wise, and write professional posts on  informative subjects. Their ages range from near seventy into the eighties.

Photo taken from Big 7-0 & more

Living on Cape Cod, June's posts share her artistic pursuits through music and art such as quilting. Also she has a deep grasp of literature and is constantly digging up excellent authors for review --  some known and some not that well known. Her ruminations on thought provoking subjects are all part of her reportoire. Click here for a visit to Big 
7-0 and More

Darlene at 86
Photo taken from Darlene's Hodgepodge

Darlene tells it like it is when it comes to important issues. She writes on national politics in a witty yet pointedly firm way. She stays on top of what is going on in our nation. On occasion she mixes in a bit of family and daily events. Always something of interest is running through Darlene's posts. Click here to enjoy Darlene's Hodgepodge blog.

Ronni Bennett
Photo taken from Times Go By

Ronni Bennett serves up a daily menu of information about living wisely as an older person. She has been posting Time Goes By since 2003. I consider her an online pioneer in addressing the subject of growing older in a positive light. Her subjects cover the whole spectrum of aging  -- social issues, retirement, health and much more. It is refreshing to read a blog that highlights aging as a privilege to be enjoyed. Click here to read her posts.

These women are setting fine examples for older bloggers. Their dedication to this form of "spreading their words," tells us that activism at any age is profound. 


  1. This is nice! It's seldom that we get a chance to look at what other older women are doing and I'm glad for the opportunity to check out these blogs. I've actually been reading "Time Goes By" for awhile now and find it packed full of useful information as well as being entertaining.

    1. Rubye -- Perhaps I like to celebrate the older women because I know that they are full of wisdom. I think you will also like Darlene's Hodgepodge and the Big 10 and More. Time goes By has an excellent post today. Thanks for stopping by -- barbara

  2. Thank you SOOO much, Barbara. I appreciate the kinds words. I follow Ronnie's blog but I haven't
    discovered the Hodgepodge one ... until now. YOU deserve kudos for your wonderful blog as well.

    1. June -- There are so many terrific older bloggers -- both men and women. It is amazing the range of subjects these folks write about. It is wonderful to be able to type in a blog name and enter their world of knowledge and art. Thanks for your very nice comment -- barbara