Thursday, September 29, 2011


String Theory, by Dave Morrison

Thousands of lives are being
spent trying to construct an
Explanation of Everything, six
extra dimensions, parallel universes,
the whole overloaded wagon held
together with tiny bits of string.


Why not tiny jacks, or tiny crescent
wrenches or tiny dandelions, or tiny
charm bracelets, or tiny umbrellas, or
tiny teacups, or tiny disco balls, or
tiny rubber bands, paper clips?
Our Universe is as it is because of
tiny hoops of twine? This
is what you get from too much
coffee and a 'what if'-

When my friends and I considered
such possibilities behind the
cafeteria with a nickel bag of
lame weed, it did not occur
to us that we were budding physicists;
we were burnouts
trying to get comfortable with

Text Credits:
New Scientist Blog and Scriblerus 2008


  1. Once upon a time there was nothing that couldn't be repaired with a bit of string.
    These days it's duct tape lol.

  2. Mysteries and the universe. Or "Universe" capital U. Right now it keeps my thoughts busy trying to grasp knowledge. When I turn my brain off and open my soul everything is so clear and the mysteries are there but don't need to be figured out. Not today anyway. ;-)

  3. Hello Barbara:
    A wonderful image tied to [pun intended!] some most thought provoking words.

  4. Maybe it's just human nature, but we seem to like to divide the world into polarities: A and Z. Those who save small things, like bits of string or rubber bands and those who toss them thoughtlessly in the trash. Justification for either habit comes easily. I am a rubber band saver, just can't toss them. I say it's because I had Depression survivor parents, maybe it's just me and unexplainable. I have no illusion it holds the universe together but then I have read the theory that the universe is flying apart at a tremendous rate, so I guess not enough people are saving string ... or rubber bands ... or paper clips.

  5. Jayne -- Oh Yes! How could we live without duck tape today -- I've used it to fix some broken plumbing, some fencing -- etc. Although these duck tape repairs were temporary they sure helped for the moment. Thanks -- barbara

  6. But, duct tape and baling twine do hold the world together.

  7. June -- I laughed at your remarks about the universe flying apart and that people are not saving enough string etc. I am a rubber band saver -- of course because my parents were young adults during the depression too. Good comment from you on this beautiful morning in KY.

  8. Jane and Lance -- Thought provoking as to the authors quip that they were burnouts looking for the mystery of the universe. Thanks for the comments.

  9. Birdie -- Can we really explain the universe? It really is a mystery to me. Your thoughts are an interesting approach -- barbara

  10. Rubye Jack -- New name. I take it you are drinking to the mystery -- barbara

  11. Louise -- yes they do but I need to throw in a few bungee cords with the lot -- Thanks for your astute theories on our string and tape world -- barbara

  12. String and Duct tape, what would we do without them.

  13. Janet -- Good question for a teacher to ask her class room students. -- barbara

  14. Don't string me along... get to the point. hahahaha

  15. Birdman -- Very clever take off of the string on the pointed stick! Thanks -- barbara