Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have run with the deer
and sat with the spider web.
I have fashioned the wild flowers
into wreaths for my crown.
I have lifted my arms as wings,
flying up to the moon.
I have cried with the Phoebe
into a river of sadness.
I have led the blind 
into parts unknown.
I have smelled the fresh
on ancient pure wildness.
I have shouted with joy at the beauty of Gaia.
I am filled with gladness of being the
 unbelieveable crone that I am.

~~ barbara


  1. Barbara,

    What a deeply moving poem you've shared with us. I am honored and humbled by your generosity. The emotions are palpable. Thank you.


  2. Elora -- sometimes sharing of ones writing is difficult. Thanks for the sensitive response -- barbara

  3. Hey Barbara,

    Thanks for the great heartfelt post! You have inspired me and I have included the resulting poem below:

    Beautiful flowers, wrong place.
    Soil inhospitable, but didn't know it.
    Wondering what was wrong as they thirsted for water.
    Roots searching for the life blood, but withering due to stress.
    I found myself pounding away at the ground with my shovel,
    hopeful, then hopeless.

    New garden, soil right.
    The water reaches and sun shines on those that have deep roots.
    Bright and glossy, bursting with color and joy.
    The air is sweet and full of promise.
    Blooming life and possibility
    My shovel lays fallow in the shed.

  4. Darcy -- Glad to have you join with me in writing poetry. I am not a poet just an expressionist (my own word). Language limits our ability to express many emotions and I guess, like a painting, one needs to try and figure out what the artist means. I sense that your's is multi-layered -- metaphoric. Wonderful to read. Thanks for the comment -- barbara

  5. Lovely poem, the last two lines are a wonderful expression of wholeness -- to reach that feeling is a beautiful thing.

  6. Very lovely expression of the fullness of cronehood! Perfect for the season.

  7. Ah, Earth Mother. I loved the poem. How nice of you to share it with us.

  8. June -- to me living to crone-hood is like driftwood along a beach -- some pieces are textured, some graceful, some tough, some soft and smooth. The pieces manage to stay afloat until they wash onto the beach where they can rest and witness the far off pounding waves. Thanks for the lovely comment. -- barbara

  9. Vicki -- thank you for the comment -- yes we are entering the end of harvest time -- a time that could be related to crone-hood. -- barbara

  10. NCmountainwoman -- James Lovelock wrote in the 1970s a book, The Ages of Ghia. In it he writes, Gaia "has continuity with the past back to the origins of life, and extends into the future as long as life persists. And as you know Gaia and Earth Mother are now one and the same in most circles. Thanks to Mr. Lovelock. And thanks to you for the nice comment -- barbara

  11. Barbara, such touching and reaffirming sentiment, really powerful. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    I like Darcy's poem too.

  12. barefootheart -- Thanks for the supportive comments. I am not a poet in any sense of the word. Just once in a blue moon I sit down and write my feelings in the pattern of a poem. Perhaps we all do at some time in our life? Have a great weekend!

  13. Wondrful poem, thanks for sharing it.

  14. Farmchick -- thanks for stopping by with some nice words. always appreciate it. -- barbara