Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today is a "Celtic Kick Up My Heels" day for me. After being property bound for almost a week I am going to town. You see I live on a ridge that has a private road up to my home. It is steep in one little spot, but that one little spot can be mighty slick when we have snow. So I usually stay inbound for about a day until the temps rise and I can go about my business around the country-side.

But this darn weather with its continuous snow, low temps and overcast has kept the road too icy to venture forth and as a result I have been home bound for about six days (don't have four wheel drive!). Really no big deal one might say. Yet, this has been "off and on" weather around here in Kentucky for a few months and I am now suffering with "cabin fever."

Today is sunny! And I am going to try and make a break for town. Wish me luck. I have avoided news during these latter days as it is so depressing. Why add to my diminished state of mind -- corporate shenanigans, political bickering, affairs by who cares, and all the constant trivia that emanates from the media.

Now that I know that I am going to get in my car and make a break out from the "cabin," I will wish every kind and generous person a good day with a little of my heritage music from a youtube video. Good Day.

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