Monday, February 15, 2010


Several years ago I found a 1928 catalog of wood lattice items designed for outdoors use around unpretentious homes. It was put out by the Barker Lumber & Fuel Company in Plymouth, Wisconsin. During the twenties, lattice work was all the rage for outdoor furnishings. The catalog blended both useful and ornamental together.

One would not expect that even a clothes pole would be included in the ornamentation of a yard but above is the one pictured in the catalog. In the past, when most homes had a wood clothes pole (or post as some say), they were of various designs, some very standard and some unique. If one keeps their eyes open around old homesteads they just might find an old pole design. Today, there is a growing need to have this utilitarian pole resurrected for saving energy by hanging clothes out once again.

Some home associations have laws forbidding hanging out clothes in the yard but some association homeowners are taking the issue to court to reestablish their right to hang out their wash.

Just in case you want to resurrect this particular pole (photo above) here is the text of the lumber and fuel catalog describing how the pole is to be constructed:
It is six feet high above the ground. The top cross piece is three and one-half inches square and forty-eight inches long. Lattice is of one inch by two-inch strips dressed.
Easy huh?

Want to get a good night sleep? Try fresh line-dried linens on your bed! Their scent is like an aphrodisiac.


  1. Good one! I will be sure to send you a picture of the one this inspires me to make for my new friend Kathy. Thanks!
    Avon Lake, Ohio

  2. Sounds good John. Nice that you are making it for your friend! -- barbara

  3. I finished it! Finally got some photos together but can't find an email address in your blog to send it to. Also, in the process of making the thing, I made some drawings and a materials list (habit) that I could also send.... But now I am thinking that it might be better to just put it all on a blog; which,if you like, you could link your article to.

    Thanks, again, Barbara. Kathy loves it!

  4. love this! I'm sending the url to Project Laundry List http://www.laundrylist.org/ and the Nowhere Dryer Project http://northamericanfund.350.org/projects/nowhere-dryer