Saturday, April 4, 2009


Each month I am recording the overall changes to my view from my front porch and sometimes the view from my back yard which takes in my old oak shed and fragile barn. Above is a close up of the maple's seeds, also called keys, developing on one of the Silver Maples by my front porch.

The "keys" green up the Silver Maple's appearance earlier than most trees in the area. Unlike most trees, the silver maple produces seeds (keys) in the spring instead of in the fall. Botanists believe this spring seed production is an adaptation to growing near rivers that flood in the spring. Such flooding washes away plants and soil, leaving bare areas of ground ready for the maple seed germination.

Definitely more green than last month as I look over the hollow from my front porch. Redbuds are flashing their striking rose-colored flowers throughout the woods. I planted two Redbud seedlings last week near my house. Hope they live as they would add quite a spectacular explosion of color early in the spring.

Bird activity is high, butterflies are skittering about, moths have been out for quite some time, hornets and carpenter bees are checking the outside of my house for possible nesting places, and I found a nest inside a bushel basket hanging on the wall of my shed porch. Right now energy is vibrating high in the natural world!

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