Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Whether seasoned or beginner, this garden book is packed with ideas and tips on successful gardening ... be it container, window box, a slip of earth or --- really anywhere.

The author, Alys Fowler comes with strong credentials -- trained at the New York Botanical Garden, the Royal Gardens at Kew and is now head gardener at BBC's Gardener's World.
With these credentials one might expect a pretentious gardener but no -- she is as homespun as they get.

Illustrated with scads of photos and 190 pages of text one is pummeled with the how, when and what of gardening anywhere.

What a great idea for a book. So many people live on small urban plots or apartments and have little or no space to grow. Or perhaps live in the suburbs or country and just want to have a small growing space. She can show you how to grow garlic in a pail, chickens and hens in an old brick, or grow heirlooms in a homemade window box. She brings the reader along from plant starts, soil construction, worm bins, composting, transplanting and finding unique places to buy plants. Her focus is on growing plants, not long lists of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Her emphasis is on putting a growing place together no matter the size and for a reasonable price.

Amy's book is well planned out in presentation, practicallity, excellent photography and unusual gardening ideas. If you want to find some funky ideas or serious ideas, Amy has it all together in her new book.

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