Tuesday, May 19, 2009


When I was in my teens I grew flowers. When I was a young adult I grew everything I thought I needed to survive and to view. Now, as an older adult (polite way of saying an old lady) I just want to grow my organic Brandywine tomatoes.

So this Thursday, Mike the tiller will open up a patch 18X10 feet or more and I will jam in all eight tomato plants that I bought at the Berea College's Farm's Organic Vegetable sale. I always have started my own tomato plants in the past but now wanted to support the Berea Ag students that run the sale.

The eight plants will only take up about half of this very small garden. So what do I plant in the remainder? I bring out all my saved seeds and put them on the table to contemplate who will be chosen to reside in the remaining space of my small patch.

Geez, I realize I have enough seeds to plant an acre (or more!).

After much deliberation I finally select the winners. And the winners -- all flowers. Do you think its just an unconscious desire to be a teen again-- wanting to just grow flowers? Teen-hood is not a bad idea physically -- but surely not mentally! But I do have my tomatoes so it's not all flowers. I guess I'm safe mentally.

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