Lane County, Oregon

Friday, December 30, 2011


Noticed this funky old mailbox along a road in Madison County, Kentucky. I thought it looked as if it had been homemade. The owner must be one that receives an abundance of mail as it was twice the size of a breadbox. Does anyone still remember the size of a breadbox?

It stood on a post that perhaps was a piece of old farm equipment? Together, mailbox and post, did present a unique mailbox.

I think I even saw a bullet hole in the side of the box. Target practice for the "bad boys." Why do some folks have to try and ruin something so full of meaning to the owner?


  1. Very clever "Post" for the mail box. Maybe the owner used to do a lot of mail order purchasing and needed a big box.

  2. June -- very clever thinking by you -- I really didn't think about this being a "post" on a type of "post."

    Getting back to posting after a long time away. My brain will have to reorient itself.

  3. I really love this mailbox and it almost looks like a bit of folk art to me. I would love to have it on my farm. Glad to see you back:)

  4. Farmchick -- thanks for welcoming me back. Yes, I do believe you are right, it certainly could be considered folk art. I liked the whole thing, the funky post and box, the peely paint and even what I think is a bullet hole. -- barbara

  5. I love it. It would have taken every last sense of what I know to be right and wrong to not peek inside!

  6. Love this letterbox, it's full of character!

    Have a great 2012!

  7. Hi Barbara:

    I really like that mailbox! We have a really large conventional galvanized metal mailbox with red flag at the end of our driveway. We like having a large mailbox that can hold small packages (up to 12" high and 20" long) in addition to the mail. I see the bullet hole as well. I guess these big boxes are hard to resist for people who want to raise a little hell. Ours has not been shot, but someone did hit it with a baseball bat or something while driving by and managed to put a huge dent in the side of it. Great post. Thanks.


  8. Those large mailboxes like you have are difficult to find in stores. I think they are neat and hold so much. Mailboxes can take a beating out by the side of the road. That is why I finally got a P.O. box in town. Granted I only pick up my mail twice a week but with computers I really don't believe I miss much. Best wishes to you and your family for the year 2012. -- barbara