Tuesday, January 17, 2017


These tree limbs (above header) lined with thick ice were taken several years ago when I was living in Kentucky. Trees surrounding my home were glistening in the aftermath of a serious winter storm that had moved through the area the night before. If one did not have to go out you were fortunate. 

Now years later I am staying for a while in California. No ice or snow where I am staying. Roses and other plants flourish around me in abundance. 

What a contrast in weather between these two places.  Below is a market stand photo outside a fine old California home. Oranges are ripe in their winter orchards. 

However each area has its goodness. It all depends on a person's likes and dislikes. For myself I have been a wanderer since I retired many years ago. Now, in a couple weeks I will be leaving to return to my birth state, Michigan. I think I just might become a permanent settler there. 

Many of you have lived in various places across the country. Where are some of the places you would recommend folks to settle (or visit)?

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