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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Leaf-boat sailing in a rainstorm puddle on my driveway

Last night I woke to the sounds of thunder and noticed lightning flashing outside my bedroom window. It was a mellow storm compared to some that we have had lately. I closed my eyes and disappeared back into my sleep. I awoke perhaps an hour later and it was still storming outside. 

I felt snug in my bed and lay awake remembering as a child how I delighted in storms that brought puddles to our neighborhood. Yes, puddles. As a child, with my friends, we would beg our mothers to let us walk barefoot along the sides of our street where rain water had accumulated. Our goal was to splash each other from these shallow puddles. Such simple fun.

Early this morning, after the rain had stopped, I looked outside at the overcast skies. Then I looked at my driveway and saw --  puddles. They looked rather blah from my window. But wait. Weren't my thoughts last night about having fun with puddles as a child. Hmm -- maybe mine aren't so blah. Out the door I went with my camera.

Mystical forest illusion reflected in my 
rainstorm puddle by nearby maple trees.

I found that my camera had a child's eye. From my camera I discovered illusionary patterns that I could not see from my window. I realized that with camera in hand -- puddles can still be fun.