Public Drinking Fountain, City Center, Portland, Oregon
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Friday, April 13, 2012


In the photo above you probably wonder why newspapers are stuck in the entrances to this birdhouse. No, the birds are not subscribing to the local paper. There is a definite reason to block up the entrances according to Mr. Lamb.

Mr Lamb has lived in his area of Madison county, Kentucky all  seventy-seven years of his life. He is a walking encyclopedia of its cultural history. 

He also has a great appreciation for the wildlife that visits his property. He especially like birds and squirrels. Among the many different kinds of birds that visit near his home are lovely bluebirds. 

The above birdhouse is reserved for nesting bluebirds. The newspaper inserts act as barriers to other birds looking for a place to nest.  When Mr. Lamb determines that the bluebirds are ready to nest he pulls out the inserts and lets the bluebirds take over. This all happens sometime around May he says. He should know as he has been an active bird watcher for years.